SumaVita Affiliate Partners

Helping Others to Live Life Elevated

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Preferred SumaVita Affiliate Partner! 

Our very lucrative Affiliate Partner Program is only available to companies or individuals in the United States

Are you our next Preferred SumaVita Affiliate Partner?

SumaVita Preferred Affiliate Partners are either companies or individuals with a genuine interest in joining our mission of helping others “Live Life Elevated” by both educating potential consumers about CBD, as well as offering our high quality CBD products to their existing audience or followers.

The ideal Preferred SumaVita Affiliate Partner already has a substantial Social Media following, is considered an Influencer in their market, or has a website that is heavily trafficked.

We are very selective with our Preferred Affiliate Program.  Unlike other CBD companies, we do not accept every applicant.  We choose partners who have significant influence and a sincere passion for sharing CBD with the world.

SumaVita Preferred Affiliate Partners promote our products to their existing audience and consistently have hundreds of sales monthly.

We offer one of the highest paying Affiliate Programs in the CBD industry.  We keep it simple, by paying you a fixed dollar amount per bottle sold, making it easier for our Affiliate Partners to set their own earning goals.

Here is an Example of our Affiliate Payouts…

SumaVita Product                            Affiliate Commission

750mg CBD Oil Sells for $89.        Earn $25 per bottle sold.

500mg CBD Oil Sells for $69         Earn $20 per bottle sold.

250mg Pet Oil Sells for $39.          Earn $10 per bottle sold.

50mg Rescue Rub Sells for $59.  Earn $15 per bottle sold.

Hypothetical Example of Monthly Earnings…

Sell 100 bottles of 750mg CBD Oil and make $2500

Sell 100 bottles of 500mg CBD Oil and make $2000.

Sell 100 bottles of 250mg Pet Oil and make $1000.

Sell 100 bottles of 50mg Rescue Rub and make $1500.

APPLY NOW to Become a Preferred SumaVita Affiliate Partner!

If you’d like to be considered for our preferred partners program, please fill out the application below.  After reviewing your application to determine whether you or your company would be a good fit in our Preferred Affiliate Partner program, one of our team members will follow up with you.  If you have any questions, you can email us at support@sumavita.com

SumaVita Affiliate Partner Application


Briefly describe why you want to partner with SumaVita and why we should approve you as one of our Preferred Affiliates.


Preferred Affiliate Program FAQ’s

How does it work?

Once you are approved as an affiliate partner, you will have access to your affiliate back office and be able to use your specific link to promote our brand.  Share the link and your visitor’s IP address will be logged as a cookie in their browser for tracking purposes.  When they place an order, the order will be registered as a sale for you.  Our affiliate program enables you to track sales and other data in REAL time. *Your visitors MUST use your affiliate link when visiting the website in order to create the needed tracking for commissions to be earned.*

How and when do I get paid?

Payments will be processed on the 20th of the month for the sales generated from the previous month.  We can pay via check, PayPal or Wire Transfer (must be over 10k for wire transfers).  We have a minimum threshold of $100 in commissions for our monthly payout. *In order for us to generate your first commission payment, we will need a signed W9 on file.*

Do I need to stock or inventory products?

No.  Every order is drop shipped directly to your customer from our warehouse.  You do not ever need to buy or stock inventory in our program.  Simply use your affiliate link(s) to promote, and we do the rest.

Conversion Action:  Online purchase with processed valid payment.

Cookie Duration:  30 days.

Commission Type:  Fixed Dollar Amount per unit Sale.

Commission Structure:

SumaVita Product                            Affiliate Commission

750mg CBD Oil Sells for $89.        Earn $25 per bottle sold.               

500mg CBD Oil Sells for $69         Earn $20 per bottle sold.               

250mg Pet Oil Sells for $39.          Earn $10 per bottle sold.                           

50mg Rescue Rub Sells for $59.  Earn $15 per bottle sold. 

Preferred Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

As an affiliate, you agree to the following:

The FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect December 1st, 2009.  As an affiliate with SumaVita, you’ve read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC website – http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/guides.shtm

Here is some of what is listed on the FTC website, in addition to our personal company philosophy regarding the marketing of our brand.

Advertising and Marketing Basics

Advertising and Marketing Basics.  Under the law, claims in advertising must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair and must be evidence-based. 

No Marketing to Children

No marketing of any kind of SumaVita products to anyone under the age of 18.  No exceptions! 

No Health Claims

You cannot make any health claims of any kind.  You cannot say in any of your marketing that our products cure, diagnose or treat or prevent any disease.   Any such claims will be subject to immediate termination of your agreement with SumaVita.   

No Bulk Emailing or Auto-Dialing

You cannot buy lists of names to market our products, nor use any form of auto-dialing to generate customers.  If you have an existing email list of subscribers that know you and are already receiving regular information from you, it is the only accepted form of email marketing with our affiliate program.  We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE spam policy. 

No Negative Marketing

We are not a company that tolerates negative marketing in any form.  You cannot use words like “Company X is a Scam” or “Beware of Product X” as a way of attracting people to our brand. 




Affiliate sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions.  All transactions will be monitored and automatically reviewed. 

If any sales transactions associated with your affiliate ID do not line up with the types of qualified sales most typically seen through normal traffic generation methods, our system will flag your account for review.  Any questionable transactions will be investigated. 

We reserve the right to withhold payment of commissions until the review process is complete.  If after manual review, any transactions are deemed questionable, any earned commissions on those transactions could be invalidated and you may not be paid for them. 

Affiliates are not permitted to use any keyword-based advertising targeting a keyword of SumaVita or any of its products. 

Affiliates are not permitted to use Domain Names with the name SumaVita in them or using any of our Brands to promote.  For example, you cannot use any domain such as sumavitareview.com, sumavitaproducts.com, trysumavita.com, etc.  Any use of SumaVita’s name in any domain is subject to affiliate termination. 

Some Examples of Responsible and Effective Marketing. 

The owners of SumaVita have extensive background in business ownership, marketing and sales…with a combined experience of 60+ years selling goods and services both online and offline.   We believe in responsible marketing.  Some acceptable and highly effective examples could include:

  • Posting a banner ad on your existing website.
  • Promoting our products on Facebook or Instagram organically.
  • Writing a story or review on our products and guiding your readers to your affiliate link.
  • Placing a newspaper or magazine ad.
  • Sending an email about our products to your existing email list.

YES!  There are other acceptable forms of marketing!  We’re not here to tie your hands…but we are also extremely protective of our brand and the reputation that we’ve already built in the marketplace. 

Our belief is that your followers, listeners or readers are much more likely to buy a product that you personally endorse or suggest because they know you, like you and trust you.  Our best affiliates are those who have a significant following of people on their website or their Social Media platforms!